Ox Gallstones – What You Need to Know

Ox Gallstones – What You Need to Know Getting Ox Gallstones can be a problem for your body. It is not something that is very common, but if it happens…...

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Ox Gallstones – What You Need to Know

Ox  Gallstones

Getting Ox Gallstones can be a problem for your body. It is not something that is very common, but if it happens to you, it is something that you will want to look into. Luckily, you can learn how to avoid these stones by finding a natural remedy.

Shape and size

Buying and selling bovine gallstones can be a profitable endeavor. It can also be an uneconomical one. Depending on the quality of the stones, prices can vary. The dryness, size, shape and color of the individual stones will determine the value.

If you are considering purchasing gallstones, be aware that the price is dependent on the quality of the stones. Dark specimens are less valuable. You should be prepared to spend a lot of money for a high-quality stone.

In addition, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with buying and selling gallstones. For instance, the risk of developing hemolytic anemia is higher in those with an inherited gene that increases cholesterol in the bile. Those who have liver disease caused by alcohol consumption are at an increased risk of developing black pigment stones.

As mentioned earlier, ox gallstones are in demand in the Chinese market. They are also used in pharmacopeia and for hepatic treatment. They are orange-brown in color and oval shaped. The calcium bilirubinate in the stones has antipyretic, anti-hypertensive and anti-bacterial properties.

Typically, gallstones weigh between 10 and 100 grams. This is a considerable amount of weight. They are often sold in the Asian markets for more than gold. The retail price can reach HK$19,000 for a single tael of gallstones.

It is important to note that gallstones can take up to six weeks to dry. This depends on the quality of the individual stones and the environment in which they are stored. If the gallstones are stored in an air-conditioned room, they can dry in about three weeks. However, they should be turned over at least once a day to prevent moisture from collecting.

You should also be aware that gallstones are photosensitive. If the stones become exposed to light, they will start to degenerate. This can cause complications for sufferers. If you are purchasing gallstones, be sure to check their photos to see if they have been treated.

It is very important to ensure that the stones are free of mold. When buying or selling gallstones, you should always ask about how long they will need to dry.


Those interested in buying gallstones should be aware of their ingredients. They are made up of calcium bilirubinate, which is a substance found in bile. It is believed to have antihypertensive effects, and inhibits bacterial growth.

Ox gallstones have been used for centuries as herbal medicine. Chinese medicine specialists believe that bilirubin can help treat a wide range of ailments, including lung cancer, hepatitis and heart disease. In fact, the Chinese government promotes bilirubin-based medicines. It requires 100 metric tons of gallstones for its pharmaceutical industry each year. This has led to gallstone prices increasing.

There are a number of ways to purchase gallstones. One way is through a gallstone broker. He charges around $57 per gram for an “average quality” product. He will not accept moldy or damaged stones. Another way is to buy gallstones directly from a meatworker. Some of these traders use private Facebook groups.

Gallstones sold by these traders will usually be marketed as a proprietary Chinese medicine. They are usually packaged in hermetically sealed bags. They are then dried at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. They will take about two weeks to dry. If they are not wrapped properly, moisture will collect and the stones will lose their value.

In the past, a Chinese gent would show up at the Katherine meatworks with ornate jeweller’s scales and buy gallstones from meatworkers. He would then sell the stones to a buyer in the Asian market for six months. The buyer offered to pay $50,000 for a kilogram.

Similarly, Gallstones harvested from cattle are usually dried. They are then pressed into pills or crushed. Their value can be attributed to their antioxidant properties. It is estimated that the domestic supply of gallstones is only one metric ton. However, this has been augmented by the nationalistic push by gallstone dealers and butchers.

The price of gallstones is currently at a high. Some sources say they can sell for $15-$35k per kilo. The price is unlikely to go down anytime soon. A large amount of gallstones are collected by the largest abattoirs in Australia.

Health benefits

Those who have gallstones know all too well the pain and discomfort they cause. Abdominal pain can be severe and can occur at any time. The pain is often accompanied by bloating and fullness. If you are experiencing abdominal pain, it is advisable to apply a warm compress to the area. This will help calm the spasms in the gallbladder.

When a cow produces bile, a substance called bilirubin is formed. This yellow-orange compound is believed by Chinese medicine specialists to be useful in treating heart and lung disease. It also serves as an anti-inflammatory and soothing agent. In some cases, bilirubin is used as a treatment for hepatitis.

Animal biles have been utilized as a cure for human disorders in China for over three millennia. They are documented in the lineage of traditional Chinese medicine tomes. They are still used in the treatment of a variety of health problems today.

Gallstones are a very valuable commodity. They are sold for between $15 and $35k per kilo. They are in high demand due to their medicinal value. They are often used in Formula Angong Niuhuang Wan.

While the cost of ox gallstones may be prohibitive, they have some important health benefits. They are known to reduce cholesterol gallstones in the gallbladder. They are also beneficial for eye health and gut infections. They are also given to people suffering from psoriasis. They are also given to those who have fatty stools.

Because of the short supply of gallstones, the value of natural gallstones is very high. Unprocessed natural gallstones sell for around US$65 per gram. Some Asian markets value them at more than gold.

Although it has a lot of medical applications, ox gallstones have also been used as a source of revenue. They are valuable because they can be sourced from cattle. They are also used in pharmacopeias, medical formulas, and pharmacopeias.

If you want to buy ox gallstones, you need to make sure that you are buying healthy ones. You should also look for stones that are golden, orange, and light. They should be at least 75 percent water.


Whether you are a gallstone dealer, buyer or trader, you probably want to know how the price of Ox gallstones is going. These stones are in high demand, and can bring in a profit. The Chinese government has been promoting their use as medicine, and the prices are set to rise as the demand continues to increase.

The price of gallstones can vary based on the quality of the stone, its size, and its color. The most valuable are golden, pyramid-shaped rocks, while dark stones are of reduced value.

These crystalline masses are formed during digestion. Gallstones are 75 percent water when first retrieved, but they lose weight as they dry. They are also highly photosensitive, which means they degenerate in light.

Some traders offer a range of prices, ranging from $45 to 77 USD per gram. The “higher grade” product costs $60.

One carat stones weigh as much as a feather, while a cricket ball-sized stone is a drop in the ocean. These pristine specimens of bovine gallstones can be worth up to EUR35,000 a kilogram. They are also said to clear the heart and stop tremors.

Many of the most substantial abattoirs in Australia collect these stones. A recent sale in China, for example, reached $55,880.

A gallstone broker was interviewed by VICE. He claimed to have sold a kilo for around $50,000. He claims that his company has a nationwide monopoly on the white market. However, there are plenty of other places to buy these stones, including private Facebook groups and darknet marketplaces.

It’s possible that this nationalistic push could benefit gallstone dealers, butchers, and farmers. The more buyers there are, the more profitable the industry becomes.

These stones are worth a lot of money, but it’s difficult to find them. A gram of the average quality costs $57. That’s a lot of money for a tiny stone. But the price of Ox gallstones is unlikely to fall anytime soon.

Some of the best Gallstone brokers are willing to let you pay them up to $60 for a gram of “higher-grade” material. These are usually full-bodied golden stones that are free of calcite inclusions.

Ox Gallstones – What You Need to Know


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