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To buy Ox  Gallstones

Our company is one of the world’s biggest buyer and collector of natural Ox gallstones

We are constantly purchase a large amount of the natural ox gallstones (calculus bovis) from all over the world every year, and 100% supply to our affiliated pharmaceutical factory.
Ox gallstones also known as calculus bovis, bovine gallstones, bezoar, niu huang, cattle gallstones or cow gallstones. It is the gallstones from bovine gallbladder. Bovine family includes ox, cow, cattle, buffalo, etc.

As the leader of the natural ox gallstones procurement company in Asia, our average purchase amount can reach $25 million per year.

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Ox Cow Gallstones price per Gram or per Kg Today

Once you have a discussion with us you can compare our buying price to that of the other buyers and for sure no one will beat us!

We are capable of buying any quantity at any time !

“Despite the value of the gallstones, I think a lot of abattoir workers are not aware of the economic value of the cow gallstones expecially in Nigeria”

– Norman Frank

“– We need some “Cow bezoar” and would like to know if you have a catalogue and how much you can supply? – And what is the price per kilo? – We don’t need to send abroad, we just need to send locally to Johannesburg”

Dr Vikrant Tewari

“We have good quality cow/ox gallstones for sale at very affordable prize. We can supply up to 8kg. We always open our supplies ones a year . We need only serious buyers. You are free to visit our plant and buy. We also send samples for you to confirm before buying”


“Dear we collect by-products from slaughterhouses, for product destination for pet animals, for human consumption and for technical use and research we have availability of gallstones, if you are interested do not hesitate to inform us, thank you”

Xavier Olive

“We have 110g of cow gallstones in Spain. We can deliver to Hongkong at 50 usd per gram. No upfront parcel delivery pls. We can do ex work Madrid”

 Ogbemudiare Victor