What are ox gallstones?


Ox gallstones also known as calculus bovis, bovine gallstones, bezoar, niu huang, cattle gallstones or cow gallstones. It mainly found in the bovine gallbladder, sometimes can found in the bovine bile duct, bile vessel or around the bovine liver area.

Bovine family has different types in different countries or regions. It mainly includes cattle, cow, oxen, bull, buffalo, bison, yak, gaur, etc.

Gallstones look like stones of various shapes and colours.

Two main shapes : egg-shaped or pyramid-shaped.
Two distinct colours : Orange brown, or dark brown close to brownish black.

Some gallstones can be as big as a hens-egg (whose weight can reach 100 grs), but the average gallstone will be more likely the size of a pigeon’s egg, weighing around 10 grams.

ox gallstones19

When looking at the yellowy-orange surface of an ox gallstone, you might not think much of it. It may even look rather gross to you. However, in Asian markets, what you’re looking at could very well be worth more than gold.


ox gallstones


Gallstones develop inside a number of bovines, mainly depending on their age and diet.

They are essentially located in the gallbladder.

The bovine race is quite diverse. It includes, depending on the countries: cows, oxen bulls, buffalos, zebus, bison’s, yaks, gaurs…


Ox gallstones are used in the pharmacopeia.

They are used in medical formulas because of their sedative, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties.

They are in particular used for treatments of hepatic problems.

Commercial value

Gallstones have a significant commercial value that can reach up to 71 000 USD* per kilogram. Their value depends on their size, their quality, the conditions of their preservation and their texture.

For an organization with bovine-related activities, collecting gallstones can be a very profitable source of additional revenue, especially seeing that it doesn’t require any additional expenses nor investments.

Our company is fully committed to purchase all your bovine gallstones, up to 71.00 USD* per gram depending on their quality and preservation. 1 Ounce = 28.35 grams.

So it might be highly profitable to add the opening of each bovine gallbladder into your work routine, in order to check for the presence of gallstones.

Simply follow our recommendations for their preservation, so that you can optimize the value of your gallstones, and we will purchase them at the highest rates available.

ox gallstones17

An Eager Buyer Awaits

If you’re one of the lucky individuals who just so happens to have bezoars just laying around, or if you are interested in potentially pursuing the hunt for these highly desired products, Cheong Hing Trading Co Ox Gallstones buyer is eager to purchase them from you.

Our company has been in the market of cow gallstones for more than 30 years. We will buy any quantity at any time and will pay you at market or international price.

Since we’re located in Hongkong, we are in the heat of the bustling market. Which means that we know the perfect ebb and flow of the market and can give you the best price for your stones.

Please contact us now and begin raking in just a bit more money that you didn’t even think you could make before.

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